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Welcome To Natural Grill

With our pioneering new grill technology you can experience restaurant quality food every day.

Succulent steaks, chicken, fish and vegetables made simple using award winning, patented technology.

No longer is entertaining guests hard work. With Synergy, it’s deliciously enjoyable. Accommodate late arrivals with food that remains fresh and served at the perfect temperature. Say farewell to cleaning up after, and hello to guests who savour restaurant-quality flavours during an evening of good company and great food.

Our Products

Boma Table

  • Solid wood dining table with integrated grill
  • Converts to a fire pit
  • Lifestyle upgrade


  • Stainless steel construction
  • LPG, Natural Gas and Electric
  • Operates as both an oven and grill
  • Fat is atomised so no need for fat tray
  • Easy clean

Outdoor Cook Station

  • Available in two grill sizes 600 and 900mm
  • Optional under-grill drawer fridge
  • Integrates two gas bottle without having to change over, so you’re never caught short

Drop in Grill

  • Two grill size options 600 and 900mm
  • Simply drops into a cut out in your counter
  • Indoor or outdoor grill


A range of accessories are available for your Natural Grill

Griddle Plate

Wok Burner


Garnish Rail

Slow Cook Shelf

Resting Shelf

Mobile Table

Divider plate

How it works

The Natural Grill features a patented burner system and natural ceramics. These work together to create an even, high temperature that vaporises unhealthy fat and oils, while retaining the good, natural and delicious moisture of your food.

Benefits of the Natural Grill

Healthiest way to grill

The unique technology evaporates fats and retains natural food goodness, for a healthier lifestyle without losing out on flavour.

Quick, simple and easy

Heat-up is rapid and operation is automated with the simple on/off button (you can thank the revolutionary electronic ignition system for that). Alongside this it offers variable heat settings giving you more control. All the fat evaporates so removes the messy job of cleaning the fat tray giving you more time with friends, and less time cleaning.

Cook everything

Enjoy copious cooking space without the worry of cross-flavouring. Cook meats, fish, vegetables and even fruits all at the same time (ideal for cooking complex menus and for delighting a diverse guest list).

Versatile, for every kind of cook

The unique technology evaporates fats and retains natural food goodness, for a healthier lifestyle without losing out on flavour.

Host and enjoy your dinner parties

Without the hassle and entertain guests with minimal effort. The versatility of the Natural Grill allows you to cook fabulous food quickly, then keep it at the perfect temperature on the resting shelf. Or take your time with the slow-cook shelf, while you sip on a glass of crisp Chardonnay with friends.

Save energy and the environment

The Natural Grill demands less than half the gas versus other gas grills. By eliminating fat that would otherwise be poured down the drain, it also avoids the need for aggressive cleaning chemicals, such as caustic soda.

Made in Britain

Exceptional build quality and components, backed up by exceptional customer service and support.

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